Cable Organizer

  • A solution to rid yourself of messy cables forever ! Simply wrap it up & lock it in, and your messy office or home theater setup is suddenly neat and tidy.
  • This handy cable organizer works for charger cord, data cable, earphones line for mobile, mp3,mp4 players or any cable you need to shorten.
Cable Organizer
Cable Organizer
  • It helps to manage & hold cables well organized and avoid wires getting tangled, keep things in order no matter at home, office or go travel.
  • Outer side is made with durable PVC, inner side is made with Eco-friendly Velcro, it can used hundreds of times.
  • Easy to use, just wrap it up & lock it in, it makes you looks in style and popular.
  • Order with customer's own design start at 1,000 pcs.

Cable Organizer
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Cable-Organizer With silkscreen printing
Cable-Organizer With offset printing
Cable Organizer

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