How to make it creative on imprints for Giveaway freebies adverting ?

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A giveaway without a customize imprint is like a eagle without bright eyes! sounds funny?
Well, A giveaway without your logo or slogan or brands doesn’t have an identity. It’s just like any other product available in the market. Personalized giveaways, on the other hand, are associated with your company’s DNA, helping them serve as desirable freebies!

As you know, cooling tower, phone holders, foldable flower vase and even U shape neck pillows, caps are hugely popular with buyers. In order to have the ideal creative impact, you may have to think more but not just adding your logo and contact details to them.

Would you like to go for giveaways that already have a dose of creativity in them?

How do you define a creative product?

In promotional terms, it is a giveaway that can quickly grab the attention of the viewer.
The product may either look visually appealing, silly or come with lots of features.These products are visually appealing, funny and inexpensive to give your branding a unique boost. Use them as perfect examples of products that already are high on creativity!

Here we go :

Choose a product with a sizable imprint area. It could be a towel, phone pocket or magic sticker. Add a catchy message to them during personalization. You could opt for any of the following:

1) “Keep Calm” Messaging

keep calm

Keep Calm messages offer quality visibility. A software company we dealt with got many tees and bags imprinted with the message “
Keep Calm AND Just Code.” An enterprising bakery had totes with the message “Keep Calm AND Just put this Cooling towel on your neck.”

Can you come up with a similar message for your business!!



2). Inspirational Messages

Inspirational Messages

An inspirational message that helps to strike a chord with your target audience is a guaranteed way to win their hearts! Search
online for inspirational messages you could use in your marketing campaign. The message can be an uplifting one to keep everybody
’s spirits high!

Quotes such as ““Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.”are just some of the creative imprints we have done for our clients.

Let’s try it hard and go it far, in the end it does really matter.

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