Prom idea you must know in UV protection season

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Summer is here, hot sunny weather drive people go traveling, BBQ, fitness, sports & gym in outdoors. stay together with family and friends, walking on the beach , it’s a happy and joyful thing. this will cause increased contact with the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

More and more people are aware of the harmness of UV and teach people what to take when they join outdoor sports & activities.The following items works a try, your promo ideas will come out.

One rules, useful useful useful!
Yes, our goal is to promote brand, but if it’s useful or not, this means weather people will buy it or need it.

Here’s a list of summer promotional items that you can use for UV protection season:

1.Magic Ice Towel

This cooling towel is armed with UPF50+ , excellent UV protection against harmful sun rays.
The cooling rally towel makes a great giveaway item for sporting events, political rallies, and charity functions. Designed for all sports, from basketball to golf.
Chemical-free, eco-friendly , breathable, reusable and machine washable.
2. folding fan

These fan favors are simply sensational , a pretty and useful choice as beach themed favors, themed party , wedding favors, music festival, outdoors sports or any summer events Beautiful hand-crafted Chinese Japanese hand held folding fan with first-class bamboo spins and high quality traditonal polyester or silk fabric.
3.PVA Cooling Towel

This chill towel is designed to absorb moisture to keep you cool for hours.
Easy to use : Simply rinse towel in water, and then it will begin to evaporate and keep you cool for hours. When it begins to dry out, re-wet and keep using.
When wet , the towel becomes considerably cooler than the outside air, which provides cooling effect to the user.Key points : super soft hand feeling, strong water absorbency, and dry quickly, up to 20x more moisture per weight than cotton or microfiber.

4. Cooling Scarf

This magic eco-friendly scarf is an easy way to stay cool, just soak it in cold water for 3~5 minutes until crystals fully absorb the water, and gently remove excess water.It will keep a low temperature for long time, absorbs sweet and prevents sunstroke, no refrigeration needed, it is an incredible solution in the hot weather.

Enjoy the above magic idea for summer 🙂

Provided by AGOMAX GROUP.

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