In this summer grilling season, what promotional item you can recommend to your client ?

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The summer grilling season is here! June marks the time where we eat endless piles of hot dogs and hamburgers while we consume
coleslaw three meals a day because someone way overestimated their Memorial Day BBQ turnout. The good news is that June is Great
Outdoors Month, so that works; but the bad news is that International Picnic Day is too late in the month for these leftovers to

June brings with it the first day of summer as well as a ton of great holidays and observances, and not all of them focus on the
outdoors. That said, it’s a month that many people get out of their homes to travel, shop, and enjoy the nicer weather. So gear
up for your next promotion with some of our fantastic seasonal offers designed just for this great time of year!

1) Magic Ice towel  – Made of high-tech cooling fabric, instand cooling down at 20 degrees, stay cool upto 2 hours without ice.
– Ideal for gym, outdoor, biking, yoga and fit & wellness



2) PVA Chill towel 
Special PVA material , fast dry & absorb moisture to keep you cool for hours., widely used for sports ,drying hair and pets ,
cleaning car & furniture etc.



3) Multi-purpose headwear 
Wear them as a head scarf, face mask, neck warmer, wrist band, hair band, beanie etc. almost any way you can think of, whichever suits your personal style and preference.

I for one welcome the summer: fond memories of fishing, camping, stargazing, and outdoor concerts. It’s a time to treat your
customers and/or guests to something nice that they can use to take full advantage of the great weather (or protect them from it).
Treat them well and they’ll return the favor. And if you need any ideas, don’t hesitate to ask one of our sales professionals on
call and ready to serve you! You can contact a Agomax representative by phone (852 3524 7984), by email (, via
live chat, or by leaving a comment below.

What’s your favorite local June event? Share it with us in the comments below and we’ll give you (and the event) a shout out on

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