How to produce silicone gift item?

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Silicones,it’s typically heat-resistant and rubber-like, also known as polysiloxanes,
which can be applied to such silica-based substrates as glass to form a covalently bonded hydrophobic coating.
It can be custom embossed with a name or message.widely used in sealants, adhesives, and many gift personalized products.

Today let’s see how to produce color silicone gift item.

1)This is how Silicone raw materials looks like – before mixing : it’s like a plate as basic material , solid and better for keeping.






2)Mixing in the mixing machine ,for different colors as client’s need: add masterbatch, curing agent transferred to the required color .

3)It can be re-shapping now. for example to make our silicone mobile stand –
After the film , the material cutting machine will cut out according to the size.

4)then it’s a basic silicone mobile stand now, using digital photo printing or silkscreen printing to add logos as customer’s AI.
That’s how we customize your silicon gift.

The global demand for silicones approached US$12.5 billion in 2008, approximately 4% up from the previous year. It continues similar growth in the following years to reach $13.5 billion by 2010. The annual growth is expected to be boosted by broader applications, introduction of novel products and increasing awareness of using more environmentally friendly materials.
Now such as silicone folding cup for sports, silicone phone holer, silicone phone pockets for credit cards. etc. which has been widely used for electronices, adversting, publishing, brand promoting cooperate gifts. Silicone gifts is going to support more and more companies
silicone tablet
silicone phone holder
silicone phone pocket
silicone credit card phone holder





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